L3 International Logo

L3 international was launched with a vision to reach the world’s overlooked and forgotten people. L3 is seeing the ‘least, the lost and the last’ impacted by the Gospel in some of the hardest to reach places.


11With nearly 15 years of ministry experience, in 20 nations of the world they have seen over 400,000 respond to the Gospel in places such as Pakistan, Africa, Brazil, Korea and the USA.

The strategic mission of L3 can be summarized in three connected categories: World Evangelism, Relief, and Development.

dsc_0082The evangelistic campaigns are the catalyst for long term work in a region. They bring local believers together to pray and share Jesus with their communities. The Home of Hope orphanage in Zambia was born out of such initiatives.

From day one, opportunities have been implemented to equip local believers in leadership and evangelism, commissioning local village evangelists to extend the reach of Jesus, to the most unreached.