• We live lifestyles of evangelism. We are individually fully committed to carry out the Great Commission and encourage others to do the same.
• We read, study and live by the word of God.
• We pray together and intercede for people, groups and situations.
• We worship God together and live lives of worship.
• We are committed to pursuing and growing our individual relationships with God.


• We skate with the joy of the Lord. We have fun, goof around and laugh a lot.
• We live simply – both in our faith and in our material possessions, packing light when we travel.
• We are extremely flexible.
• We are confident and accept roles of leadership and influence, living lives on display to be examples to others.
• We are good stewards and are cautious with how we spend money.
• We act respectably as followers of Christ and always act in love.


• We behave as a community: living, eating and spending our lives together; being real and open to each other with attitudes that invite others to join.
• We celebrate each other and other ministries.
• We make relationships with skaters in our area and wherever we travel.
• We partner with ministries, churches, missionaries to serve, strengthen and bless them.
• We honor women. We honor each other. We honor our leaders and are servant leaders.


• We are more edgy and daring in our approach to ministry. We are comfortable taking risks to step into seemingly impossible endeavors that we feel God is leading us into.
• We continually pioneer new methods to carry fourth our vision and say yes to non-traditional methods.
• We take a lot of photos and videos and constantly create and promote media that points skaters to Jesus.
• We honor individual gifting.