Join GX Kansas City

GX Kansas City (GXKC) is a local Kansas City extension of GX International. GXKC comes together with local young people who have the desire to reach their communities with the hope of a new life in Jesus through dance, breakdance, and other hip hop expressions. GXKC connects with the local culture by participating in outreaches year-round throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

How to Apply

01. Fill out the application

Fill out the GXKC application completely.

02. Submit your references

GXKC requires two reference forms. Send the specific links to the people you would like to be a reference for you so that they can fill out the online forms and submit them to us. We need one from your pastor/youth pastor and one from a dance instructor/dance mentor. The reference forms are confidential and you’ll waive all rights of access to them.

03. Submit an audition video

Upload a short audition video to YouTube and then include the link in your application. The purpose of this video is to evaluate your skill level and style. If you do not want your video to be seen by the public, please remember to set it to “private.”

04. Make sure you have health insurance

You are required to have your own insurance and will need to sign a waiver before participating in any practices or rehearsals. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or legal guardian will be required to sign the waiver.

Thanks for applying!


Once we’ve received everything, we’ll process your application and get back to you as soon as possible.