GX International is a global expression of extreme skating, hip hop dancing, freestyle motor-cross, bmx, and djs. GX International started in 1997, and since then have toured in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Fiji, and the US. Team members come from all parts of the world Norway, Denmark, Brazil, Canada and more to spread their style and bring raw truth into the chaos of reality. Catch them live for yourself!

School Assemblies

GX International does up to 10 school assemblies in a week. Challenging the youth with a positive message. Addressing

theissues youth face today. The audience is then invited to the main program where they will hear the gospel preached. In countries like India and Brazil the team is able to preach the Gospel in the schools and give a call for a response from the students and teachers

The 5 GX teams:

GX International has become bigger in the recent years and it has given GX an opportunity to have 5 GX teams around the world; GX International, GX Europe, GX Brazil, GX Australia and GX Canada.

GX Brazil has also started something new called M3. M3 is a full-time ministry from GX, which works with local churches and have small outreaches with them. M3 also work with Mercy Ministry, where they work with the poor and homeless. Check their homepage te see more: www.gxm3.com

What is GX’s stragedy:

A crusade style ministry incorporating three phases to effectively impact an area:


A successful GX outreach campaign is built not only on organized preparation, but on spiritual preparation also. Something powerful happens when Christians from all backgrounds unite in prayer for several months prior to an outreach.


The Gospel is presented in a relevant way while protecting its integrity. Language, gender, age and values are important elements of culture. To effectively reach people, we must minister cross-culturally. GX International presents the Gospel in 21st century relevant ways, using elements of the culture itself to deliver the message of Jesus.


The follow-up is designed to enable new believers to receive discipleship. Local church members are ready to encourage those who give their lives to Jesus, through visits, invitations to bible study groups and one-on-one meetings. New believers will also receive a follow-up letter by the local pastors.