GX International

GX International is a global expression of extreme sports, hip hop culture, media and much more. GX International started in 1997, and since then has toured in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Fiji.  The US. Team members come from all parts of the world to share their style and bring raw truth into the chaos of reality.


But what it is DTS?

Discipleship Training School is the most successful missionary training school of its kind in church history. Hundreds of thousands have participated all over the world. DTS gives you an opportunity to set the course for the rest of your life.

Each DTS consists of 12 powerful weeks of equipping and 10 weeks in the mission field where you are able to touch hundreds of lives and bring them to Christ. GX has a DTS program where you can use your skills and talents to further the kingdom; these skills include Hip Hop Freestyle Dance, Skateboarding, Media and more!

DTS is a YWAM Training School with the goal of equipping Christians. DTS is a school for those who have already chosen to dedicate their lives to full-time missions, or for those who desire to increase their relationship with God.



I wanna do it!


JULY 7th 2014 – DECEMBER 22nd 2017



noun_227780_ccHow much does it cost?




What is the focus of the school? 

Urban Culture (Hip-hop dance, B.boy, Rap, DJ, Media and much more)**

** These strategies Gx offers to you. You don’t need to have done any of them or be interested on doing it during the school.


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