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About GX International

Reaching The Lost,
No Matter the Cost

Founded in 1997, GX International is a team with a desire to reach the lost – no matter the cost. Using tools such as dance, music, and extreme sports, GX has seen tens of thousands of people come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.

Who We Are


GX International (GX) was founded in 1997 as a team with a desire to reach the lost – no matter the cost.  And to this day, GX continues to fulfill this God-given vision.

GX is part of Youth With A Mission (YWAM), which encompasses thousands of people and hundreds of ministries in almost every country of the world.  In every case, YWAM’s passion is to know God and to make Him known.

GX has traveled to over 45 states in the US and 25 nations, bringing the Truth in a relevant way to youth and adults of all cultures. GX uses tools such as dance, music, and extreme sports to draw a crowd and hold their attention. The goal is always the same: to bring the audience to the turning point of decision. For nearly two decades, GX has used this method to see tens of thousands of people come to Jesus.


“To release young men and women in aggressive evangelism to powerfully proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.”

L3 International

L3 International was launched with a vision to reach the world’s overlooked and forgotten people. Since the founding of L3, we’ve seen “the least, the last and the lost” impacted by the Gospel in some of the hardest to reach places.

With nearly 15 years of ministry experience, L3 has seen over 400,000 people respond to the Gospel in 20 nations such as Pakistan, Africa, Brazil, Korea, and the USA.

The strategic mission of L3 can be summarized in three connected categories: World Evangelism, Relief, and Development.

The evangelistic campaigns are the catalyst for long term work in a region. They bring local believers together to pray and share Jesus with their communities. Opportunities are implemented to equip local believers in leadership and evangelism, commissioning local village evangelists to extend the reach of Jesus to the most unreached.

Evangelistic Campaigns

Core Values


We Value To be Christ Like

We’re committed to know God, His nature, His character and His ways as revealed in the Bible, the inspired and authoritative Word of God. We seek to reflect who He is in every aspect of our lives and ministry. The automatic overflow of knowing and enjoying fellowship with God is a desire to share Him with others (2Ki 19:19; Job 42:5; Psa 46:10; Psa 103:7-13; Jer 9:23-24; Hos 6:3; Joh 17:3; Eph 1:16-17; Php 3:7-11; 1Jo 2:4-6).

We Value Preaching the Gospel at all Cost

Called to make God known throughout the whole world, and into every arena of society through evangelism and training. We believe that salvation of souls should result in transformation of societies, thus obeying Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations (1Ch 16:24-27; Psa 68:11; Psa 71:15-16; Psa 145:4-7; Mat 28:18-20; Mar 16:15; Act 1:8; Act 13:1-4a; Rom 10:8-15; Rom 15:18-21).

We Value Family

We affirm the importance of families serving God together in missions, not just the father and/or mother. We also embrace the inclusion of single-parent families. We encourage the development of strong and healthy family units, with each member sharing the call to missions and contributing their gifts in unique and complementary ways. We uphold and celebrate the biblical view that God’s intent for holy matrimony is between one man and one woman (Gen 2:21-24; Gen 18:17 19; Deu 6:6-7; Pro 5:15-23; Pro 31:10-31; Mal 2:14-16; Mat 19:3-9; 1Co 7:1-16; 1Ti 3:2-5; Heb 13:4).

We value Training and Releasing Young People

We are called to champion youth. We believe God has gifted and called young people to spearhead vision and ministry. We are committed to value them, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them. They are not only the Church of the future; they are the Church of today. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God (1Sa 17:32-50; Ecc 4:13-14; Ecc 12:1-7; Jer 1:5-10; Dan 1:17-20; Joe 2:28; Joh 6:9; Act 16:1-5; 1Ti 4:12-16; 1Jo 2:12-14)

We Value Servant Leadership

Called to servant leadership as a lifestyle, rather than a leadership hierarchy. A servant leader is one who honors the gifts and callings of those under his/her care and guards their rights and privileges. Just as Jesus served His disciples, we stress the importance of those with leadership responsibilities serving those whom they lead (Deu 10:12-13; Psa 84:10; Isa 42:1-4; Mic 6:8; Mar 10:42-45; Joh 13:3-17; Rom 16:1-2; Gal 5:13-14; Php 2:3-11; 1Pe 4:10-11).

We Value People

We believe in people!
When you truly see God as He is, ‘not as we may have been taught about him’, the result will be seeing people the way God sees them. We are motivated by the idea that every person from their mother’s womb is created unique and known by God. Each person is pre-destined to play a part in God’s big plan. Each person has incomparable worth in God’s eyes. The price God was willing to pay to redeem you determines your value in his sight.
(Gen 1:26-31, Psalms 8:3-8, Psalms 139, 1 Pet 1:18-19)

We Value Excellence

We believe that God deserves all honor, glory and praise through the giftings and talents He’s given us. We will persistently create better ways of doing the things we do. We will not rest on our accomplishments, but will rather build on them in our personal and professional journey to be the best He’s created us to be and set new standards in our ministry. (Exodus 36:1, 2 Corinthians 8:7, Colossians 3:23,Titus 2:7, 2 Peter 1:3, Revelation 4:9-11)
Hear the Testimonies

Our church was thrilled with the performance you guys gave and were so impressed with the message that was shared. Everybody is excited about what God did through your team!

We have 30 contact cards so we know at least that many came forward for the altar call. Of these 30, there were six who prayed the salvation prayer for the first time: five teen girls and a younger boy! Praise God!

Len & PatriceGrand Rapids, MN

For us, GX was a catalyst and platform for our church to step out in several areas: involving ordinary folks in the bigger Kingdom picture, gaining God’s heart for a new generation that needs the Good News, giving opportunities for serving, and giving our young people an opportunity to witness to their friends. We have experienced the fruit and are grateful to the GX team for the sacrifice they made to truly make an impact across New Zealand.

David DishroonSenior Pastor – Tauranga Worship Centre

I believe the great success of GX for our area was twofold. Firstly, for every kid in our church, at least another ten of their mates came out and heard the gospel in an unprecedented way. The second derived from the fact that we did it together.

Ross AikenLawyer

As churches, we discovered a higher level of unity and working together that has acted as a catalyst to get us out into our communities more. I believe the impact of GX has helped to change the spiritual climate of our city and will have long term beneficial paybacks for us.

Mike WalkerSenior Pastor – Avalon Baptist Church

I have seen the tremendous effects of GX in Brazil, India, Finland, New Zealand, and the United States. I, and a number of my family members, have been involved in GX events that have resulted in thousands of people coming to the Lord, including events in my own city of Medicine Hat. We believe, as we continue to lift up the name of Jesus, that God will bring more people unto Himself through GX. Changed hearts and lives will inevitably change the direction of our nation and all will turn to God in every sphere.

Wes ReinhellerPresident – Medican Group of Companies

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