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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is GX International about?

GX International is a global expression of extreme skating, hip-hop dancing, freestyle motor-cross, BMX, and DJs. GX International started in 1997, and since then, has toured in New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, India, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Fiji, and the US. Team members come from all parts of the world to spread their style and bring raw truth into the chaos of reality.

What is L3 International about?

GX is a part of L3 International, a US-based non-profit missions organization. The strategic mission of L3 can be summarized in three connected categories: World Evangelism, Relief, and Development. L3 annually holds up to 5 evangelistic festivals in some of the world’s least-reached areas. L3 also pioneered the Home of Hope orphanage in northern Zambia where over 40 abandoned children have been taken in and given a future. Every year, L3 organizes mission trips where believers from around the world travel to places like Zambia, Brazil, and nations to share the love of God. L3 International also provides organization, oversight, and opportunities for the GX team to minister in places such as Africa, India, and Peru. Together this unique partnership is seeing the vision fulfilled and the nations reached with the Truth of Jesus Christ. This one organization functions as a single ministry, with two different departments, working together to take advantage of ministry opportunities worldwide.

What does "L3" stand for?

The Least, the Last, and the Lost

What does "GX" stand for?

Global Xpression

Where is GX based?

The ministry is based out of Kansas City, MO.

How can I financially support GX?

You can mail checks or money orders to GX International at PO BOX 695 – Grandview, MO – 64030. You can also donate through our website by clicking here.

Joining GX International

Do GX team members get paid?

No, all team members and staff are volunteers.

How do staff live if they don't receive pay?

GX staff members raise financial support to cover their monthly budgets through personal friends, churches, and other people that are excited about what they do.

How can I join GX?

Click here to start an application.

How long does it take to process my application?

If all parts of the application are sent in at the same time, your application should be processed within a couple of weeks. However, in the case that all of the staff are on outreach, the application processing time may take a little longer. This will be communicated with the applicant.

Do we need to fill out an application for GX every tour?

No, once you’ve applied and are accepted, you can tour as team space allows. However, if you haven’t been on tour for three years, you’ll need to re-apply.

What do I include in my dance audition video?

Please include a piece showing any technical training you have, as well as a piece with hip-hop choreography. B-Boys, please send a video of you dancing alone.

What skate footage do I need in my audition video?

If possible, please send a video with park footage as well as street footage.

Why do I need to do a dance audition?

GX strives to reach a professional level in all that we do. In order to join GX as a dancer, the staff will need to see if your level of dancing will meet the requirements for the program.

Do I need to send a dance video even if I've already been on a tour?

If you’ve already been on a tour with us, the Program Director for that tour will decide if you need to send in a new dance video or not. 

Do I need to commit to a certain amount of time in order to join?

GX does not require a certain time commitment in order to tour. However, if you feel like God has called you to be a part of GX, it’s beneficial to try and commit at least 1 year to the ministry.

How can I become a full time GX staff?

In order to become a full-time GX staff member, you need to have gone on at least two tours and completed a YWAM DTS.

Touring with Us

What dates are the tours?

Tour dates vary year to year. Please check out the website for updated tour dates.

Where will I be staying on tour?

Team members are normally housed in homes of people from the local churches where the outreach is taking place.

Where are we doing shows?

Shows are held in various venues. We perform anywhere from churches to high school gyms to sports arenas.

How many shows do we do?

The number of shows varies from tour to tour. The average would be at least 1-2 school assemblies per day, and 1-2 shows on the weekend.

Is there a dress code?

GX upholds a high standard of modesty on a day to day basis. For school assemblies and shows, there will be costumes that are required for dancers and b-boys to wear.

How long are the tours?

The average tour is 4-6 weeks, with a 10-14 day boot camp prior to the tour.

How much are the GX team fees for touring?

This will vary from tour to tour. The price will be communicated to each team member that’s interested in the tour before it starts.

What do the fees for the tour include? Accommodation? Food? Transport?

All accommodations, food, and transport will be covered on each outreach and during boot camp. Any extra personal expenses are each team member’s responsibility.

Do we need insurance on tours?

Yes. Every performer is required to have health insurance in order to go on tour. If you do not have a personal health insurance plan, you’ll be able to get one through GX for the time you’ll be on outreach.

Do we need to bring costumes as a dancer on tour?

The Program Director will communicate prior to each outreach if you’ll need to bring any personal items for costumes. Each dancer is required to bring their own pair of black shoes, white shoes, leotards, and tights for under costumes, and dance clothes for boot camp.

Is there anything else I should bring?

Female dancers should bring stage makeup, hair spray, and anything else they’ll need to do hair for shows, as well as dance clothes, regular clothes, plenty of socks, black shoes, white shoes, black leotards, black tights, and anything else that’s communicated to them prior to the tour.

Male dancers will need to bring dance clothes, black shoes, white shoes, and anything else that’s communicated to them prior to the tour.

Apart from dancing or skating, what else will we be doing on tour?

Dancing and skating are used as tools to preach the gospel. Our main focus is ministry. Apart from dancing and skating, team members will participate in sharing personal testimonies, one-on-one evangelism opportunities, and praying for people.

Urban Dance & Entertainment DTS

What is the Urban Dance & Entertainment DTS?

The Urban Dance & Entertainment Discipleship Training School (DTS) is designed to help you understand God more deeply, live more like Jesus, and identify your purpose and unique gifts to use in missions. DTS is an intensive training course that begins with a 3-month lecture phase, followed by a 2-3 month outreach. DTS emphasizes cross-cultural exposure and global awareness, preparing students to answer the call to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” Matthew 28:19.

How much does a DTS cost?

The cost is different for each DTS depending on the location of the lecture phase as well as the outreach.

What do the lecture & outreach fees cover? Transportation? Food? Accommodation?

The DTS cost (unless otherwise specified) includes all food, lodging, and transportation, as well as the cost of outreach and travel. However, it does not cover your airfare to and from the location where the DTS is being held. It also does not cover personal items, such as clothes, toiletries, etc. or expenses for personal outings on your days off.

What is the schedule?

The DTS lecture phase is set up around a 5-day week of teaching and practice. The day usually starts with teaching in the mornings from a variety of teachers on different subjects. Afternoons are usually a time of dance or skate training. Evenings are normally reserved for team time, worship, or study. Weekends are usually free, though each DTS may be scheduled a bit differently.

What do we do on outreach?

Outreach with GX looks like dancing and skating combined with preaching the gospel. We normally minister in parks, plazas, schools, and auditoriums.

What are the rules for DTS?

There are basic guidelines that will be discussed at the start of the school.

How many staff and students are there?

Usually, there are around 10-15 students and 5-8 staff members.