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Partnering With Your Community

Host Impact Tour

Interested in Hosting Impact Tour?


The Coordination

We want to partner with you to bring the Gospel to your community. If you choose to host us, a GX coordinator will be assigned to guide you through hosting Impact Tour. We want to make it as easy and seamless as possible.

The Show

Our show is a dynamic production featuring different styles of dance, music, acting, and visual effects. Using real life stories and these creative expressions, the gospel is brought to life. Following the show, a gospel message is shared with a chance for people to give their lives to Jesus! After this we will have a time of connection to pray and minister to people.

Listed are some expectations that we have if you were to host our team. If these expectations seem too large to handle or difficult to commit to, no worries! We would love to talk with you and discuss other options on how we can partner with your church or community.





Disclaimer: These are general requirements. Once a serious inquiry to host our team is determined, a coordinator will reach out about further details.

We realize the sacrifice and many hours it takes to host us. We commit to honoring your time, space, and people. Our earnest desire is for all to know the truth of the Gospel and the genuine love of God.

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